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Vedat Gashi is a current Westchester County legislator who came to the U.S. as a refugee when his parents fled an oppressive regime in Kosovo.

Raised in the Bronx and now raising his own family in Yorktown, Vedat has experienced the promise and hard realities of the American Dream. He knows what it’s like to grow up without food on the table, which is why he is focused on getting real results for us on our everyday priorities. And as a refugee from a country without democracy, it pains Vedat to see our leaders and Democrats fighting each other instead of working together to get things done.

As a county legislator, Vedat has always delivered and worked with others to get results – putting people and the everyday issues, not partisan politics, first. As the Chair of Appropriations, Vedat has built support for expanding services while cutting taxes, and in Congress, he will do the same. Vedat is focused on making real progress on the kitchen table issues like holding down taxes, lowering health care costs, strengthening our infrastructure, and improving our economy.


Standing up to Republicans on Voting Rights

Vedat will always stand up to Republicans and Trump allies who are trying to take back Congress and undermine our voting rights. Vedat and his family fled an oppressive regime, and he knows how precious our democratic system is and what it means to live with no true representation.

In Congress, Vedat will build broad coalitions to fight back and stand strong against attacks on our democracy.

Protecting the Reproductive Rights of Women

While the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating the federal constitutional right to abortion – a right women have held for nearly 50 years – Vedat will fight in Congress to restore women’s right to control their own bodies, lives, and personal medical decisions.

Investing in Our Infrastructure

Investing in our infrastructure is vital to strengthening our communities, creating good-paying jobs, and keeping us all safe. Vedat is focused on building back better and ensuring we get our fair share of funding from President Biden’s infrastructure plan, and he will work with the President on his agenda to keep our communities moving forward.

Investing in our infrastructure means improving our water systems, repairing our crumbling roads, and strengthening buildings and bridges; Vedat knows it is time we properly invest in our communities to keep us all safe.

Expanding Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

Every New Yorker deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care, and Vedat will work to make this a reality. By fighting to drive down prescription drug costs and holding down the cost of living, Vedat will help ensure that families don’t have to choose between paying the bills and getting the health care they need. And he will fight to protect health care coverage and push back against government-mandated programs so New Yorkers have a choice in their health care.

Taking on Crime and Getting Illegal Guns Off Our Streets

Vedat will always stand up for our first responders and law enforcement officers and work to make sure they have the resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. Vedat knows we must invest in and fund our public safety departments, not defund them.

More officers, better training, and improved community policing will restore the necessary trust between residents and law enforcement to foster stronger communities.

Keeping Rising Costs Under Control

Vedat will fight to keep rising costs under control and keep taxes low to strengthen our local economy. Low taxes promote economic opportunity and attract businesses to our community, creating jobs and helping to make our district an affordable place to call home.

As Chair of Appropriations in Westchester County, Vedat worked to build support for expanded services while keeping taxes low, and he will take that same approach in Congress. And Vedat will always stand up for working families and fight back against any tax increases while making the ultra-wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.

Addressing Climate Change

Vedat will fight to protect our environment and hold corporate polluters accountable to enhance our quality of life. Every New Yorker deserves to drink clean water and breathe fresh air, and Vedat will work to preserve our environment for generations to come.

Supporting Humanitarian and Military Aid for Those in Need

Vedat came to the United States as a refugee when his family fled an oppressive regime in Kosovo. He knows the promise of the American Dream and the power of democracy, and he believes in the hope that America offers as a force for good in the world.

Vedat will support humanitarian and military aid for those in need, including Ukraine, and stand strong to ensure democratic nations can defend themselves.

Standing Up for Israel

The U.S. and Israel share a strong and special relationship built on mutual values and shared interests. As one of our strongest allies and the only democracy in the Middle East, the United States’ relationship with Israel must remain strong. As a Member of Congress, Vedat will ensure that the promotion and protection of that relationship remains a priority for U.S. foreign policy. He will stand up for the Abraham Accords, which would normalize relations between Israel and the UAE, and opposes the Nakba Resolution.

“Under [Vedat Gashi’s] leadership, Westchester County has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the community while lowering the County property tax levy every year he has been in elected office.”

– Yonkers Times 4/20/22

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